Enterprise Development

We Integrate cutting-edge technologies & expand the potential for competitive advantage . Our next-generation Enterprise solutions accelerate growth and achieve better results.


Training & Learning

From exquisite design to user-responsive interface, Object Synergy promises to bring a unique edge to your Web site, Web portal, or Web-based


Mobile App Development

Get ahead of the curve in the progressive app-oriented world. We develop smart Apps for your customers to solve problems, leverage social engagement, and drive productivity.


Training & Learning

Transform your business with our result-driven development programs. We offer expert trainings across a range of fields including business management, administration, and work ethics, etc.

Welcome to Object Synergy

Headquartered in Australia, OBJECT SYNERGY is a dynamic software house, established since 2008, capable of transforming ideas into profitable business products and applications. We have in-house project management, business development and technical teams in Australia, that help us market quality software development, web design, mobile application development and enterprise management solutions to our Australian customer base. Our experienced team collaborates with customers – individuals and organisations – to understand their needs and makes a valuable contribution to productivity and growth with custom-tailored, comprehensive, and low-cost business solutions.



Have I told you about my Development Partners, Object Synergy? There are two partners, Farrukh and Babar. Both went to University here and have extensive local Australian experience.

Farrukh now heads software development and has built an extensive IT team comprising system architects, analysts, programmers, graphic artists, web developers, system testers, support and admin. This is a great team led by a very talented guy.

I was introduced to them via a friend and have used them as my complete development team for 4+ years. Have you seen the standard of their work? I recommend them very highly.

Ian McManus, MyBusinessManager