About Us

Object Synergy is an early-stage Sydney-based venture fund that invests in young companies that have the potential to become or disrupt multi-billion dollar businesses. We work with entrepreneurs for the long haul, from capital at the research phase and all aspects of strategy and execution, to helping them scale when they hit the mark. Being entrepreneurs ourselves we contribute insight, experience and support as we partner with our entrepreneurs to help them create successful companies.

Object Synergy is a leading Australian based software design and development firm and a provider of innovative technological solutions for businesses, established since 2008. We have a brilliant team of project managers, savvy business leader, and software developers – proficient in making complex procedures and perplexed customer requirements understandable and realizable. We are on a mission to make business procedures, communication workflows, and sophisticated operations simpler and faster and we are redesigning software applications – on premises or cloud based – from the ground up.

Besides our achievements in software development and design, we are recognised as the leader in business management for our comprehensive range of business solutions for all. We have a distinct – more focused – approach towards making business platforms unified to help organizations reduce cost, eliminate risk, and drive better return on investment. That is the reason the most demanding IT firms trust Object Synergy Team across both dispersed and mainframe environments.

Object Synergy is a dynamic software house, capable of transforming ideas into profitable business products and applications. We have a talented team of professionals ranging from project managers, business development managers, software developers, social media evangelists to dedicated support staff. This allows us to market quality software development, Web design, mobile application development, social media campaigns, and enterprise management solutions to a global customer base. Our experienced team collaborates with customers – individuals and organizations – to understand their needs and makes a valuable contribution to productivity and growth with custom-tailored, comprehensive, and low-cost business solutions.