Time & Material

The Time & Material business model is particularly suitable in contexts where projects are complex, lengthy in duration and embodied by unclear specifications, or requires extreme freedom of system design changes at mid project stages. It is also suitable when:

  • Project involves new emerging technologies
  • Project requires R&D
  • Business process or workflows have not been defined properly
  • Project requirements keep evolving due to lack of experience, insight or evolving markets
  • Project requires integration with other third party environments or other dependencies
  • Project involves developing solutions for new yet untested hardware
  • Project requires continuity with regard to support and enhancements

Strength / Weakness Analysis

This model establishes two rates – rate for labor time (typically expressed as a rate per hour) and the cost for direct materials used i.e. software, hardware components, development tools etc. Unless a certain amount of hours are retained each month, the rates offered under the Time & Material business model is somewhat higher than the other models.