What We Do

Object Synergy fosters a diverse and inclusive environment for businesses worldwide. We understand that the Web site or software solution we develop is the significant framework of operation for the organization, our client. The structure of this framework – architecture, technologies used, and users – varies depending on unique requirements, from organization to organization. Therefore, as a full service IT solution provider, Object Synergy team is set to design, develop, and implement that is right for the client.

We offer a wide range of IT solutions, business services, and applications to deliver what is required for the client’s business. We understand unique requirements of our clients, process them through standardized procedures, and bring out the perfect fit. Whether you need a team to help you manage complete IT infrastructure or are looking for an application architect, you are at the right place! Our dynamic software pros specialize in quality software development, Web design, mobile application development, social media campaigns, customer relationship management, and enterprise management.

Accurate and Timely Communication

For us, time is finite and measured through recognized steps. We ensure complete understanding of the project, client engagement throughout the project to avoid discrepancies and minimize errors, and timely release of projects – to meet client’s requirement. Our team is sound synchronized and able to communicate with a worldwide client base in no time – thanks to our advanced and up-to-date infrastructure.

Agile Project Management

Through the iterative agile project management mode, we deliver best-of-the-breed communication solutions, enterprise planning and strategic management solutions, out-of-the-box and smart mobile applications, and proven social media marketing campaigns for our clients in Australia and outside- that are in need of error-free rapid delivery of software applications or Web products.

Attention to Detail

Our thorough business support team understands what is important for you and gives attention to detail – from first contact to the delivery of service – offering a customized and quality solution or service that you deserve.

Technology Agnostic

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all in the development market. Being technology agnostic, we are impartial towards the use of different technologies and software tools to work out diverse business problems. We identify the core aspects of goal with the solution and do our research on the appropriate tool in conjunction with the client’s input.

Software Development

Our qualified development team quotes you the best rates with flexible development options, giving you an edge over the competition. Our team is well-equipped with state-of-the-art software development and design tools, such as IDEs, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and custom environments, etc., to guarantee business success with our bright software solutions for your business.

Australian Focus


We are a 100% Australian owned company and our focus is to excel growth for companies in Australia. We have a local project development and support team, dedicated to develop, design, implement, and support a variety of custom software development, web design, cloud computing, mobile application, and infrastructure solutions for Australian companies.